Within Broken Borders uses multimedia to provide stories of hope in the midst of conflict while encouraging people to participate in the conversation leading toward restoration.

the power of hope.

The conflicts around the world often seem far too complex, and many would even say hopeless. The burden becomes overwhelming. So, we lose sight of hope. We lose the desire to stand up against injustices or conflicts. And we lose the drive for change. Rather than using fear as a driving force, our vision is to express hope in such a way that leads to change and restoration.

the power of relationships.

We recognize that restoration begins with relationships. Restoration involves seeing the other, understanding the other, and often calls for forgiving the other. Within Broken Borders sees film projects as an opportunity to practice the art of building relationships with the people involved in the process. Part of our mission is to empower and support the local peple and organizations involved in our media projects by developing lasting relationships.

the power of story.

Media will often portray people and conflicts on a macro scale, creating distance from reality and separation between cultures. However, when stories of individuals are told, distant and complex situations become personal. Within Broken Borders chooses to tell stories of hope while not shying away from the harsh reality of the conflict.