Surveying the current state of the Middle East, we wanted to hear the perspectives on the situation from people living there. 

Last summer, we met Shay Shoshany and his family who live in a kibbutz in the northern part of Israel near the Sea of Galilee. Shay is a chairman for the community he lives in. He describes the Middle East as a place with constant action.

“As you see, it is not boring in our Middle Eastern neighborhood- Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and so on…” said Shay.

Looking at the present situation of several uprisings, Shay says, “It is a historical moment and a big chance that this moment will change the face of the area of the Arab country for real democracy and freedom.” He seems hopeful for the future.

At the same time, Shay said to look at the situation with caution because it could end up like the Iranian “democracy.” If that happens, he said, “Then it will be a huge loss and danger.”

(We hope to hear more about the situation from other friends in the Middle East. We’ll keep you posted)