As we were traveling around Dubai today, we were again surprised at the amount of unexpected hospitality. It made us think more about the differences between the Arab world and America. 

Sometimes life gets so busy in the States, and people are rushing from place to place all the time. And we’ve become so individualized. It’s not always such a bad thing, but I wonder if we’ve lost the value in spending time with people. 

People here often put aside their daily schedules in order to make their visitors feel welcomed. In our time here, I think we’ve had 50 cups of Arabic coffee and tea with the locals and have been given so much food. They love to tell us about their families, lives, and listen to our stories as well. They seem to really know how to love their neighbor. I think we can learn from them. 

Other points from today:

-We went indoor skiing in the Emirates Mall

-We were supposed to go sky diving but it was too windy (I’m kind of glad because I was scared)

-We went indoor sky diving instead (in the wind tunnel) Lots of fun!

-We ate shawarma (chicken/beef sandwiches with lots of garlic)

-I’ve never seen so many Porsches and Lamborghinis in one place (That’s Dubai for you)

-The architecture in Dubai is incredible!

We’re going to Egypt tomorrow afternoon! We can’t wait to talk with people about the revolution and change happening there.