Sunday, May 1, our film, From the Eyes of Hope, won best documentary at the National Film Festival For Talented Youth (NFFTY).

At the film festival held in Seattle, there were about 10,000 people from all over the world throughout the weekend- mostly youth. With over 700 films entered into the fesival, 250 were selected to screen making NFFTY the largest youth film festival in the world. The place was full of life! Young filmmakers, proud parents, and potential Hollywood stars filled the theaters.

About 80 people attended the documentary section where From the Eyes of Hope was screened. Their response was very positive. From the Eyes of Hope faced many other well-made films for the best documentary award. To our surprise, we were selected for the award!

We’re just two friends, sophomores in college, wanting to use our passions and abilities to make a small difference in the world.  What we thought would be a small documentary that we would show to our family and friends (and maybe a few college groups), has gone a lot farther.

Our purpose for creating the film was to raise awareness and tell a story of hope that would encourage people to respond. With the support of friends and family we were able to show many people this story of hope. It is through other people’s help that we are able to continue sparking people’s interest about the Palestinian-Israeli situation.

After the film festival last weekend, more people know about From the Eyes of Hope and want to watch it and get involved. We are so thankful to be a part of this experience. We would love to see our film continue to encourage people to pursue the hope present in the Middle East. But this movement can’t go further without your help.

Visit our website and see how you can get involved and order your DVD. Hosting a screening isn’t a big commitment and you would be sharing this story of hope with your friends too!  Shoot us an email if you’re at all interested in hosting a screening.