"We are visual communicators devoted to peacemaking and breaking down stereotypes by displaying the beauty and dignity of various cultures around the world." -IGVP

Over coffee in Seattle this past June, Joe, my sister (Marie), and I (Anna) met with the founder of the International Guild of Visual Peace Makers, Mario Mattai and his wife, Angela. They were in the US from Turkey for the summer, and we all happened to be in Seattle at the same time. 

We were quickly drawn into his vision and passion. He has a huge heart for peace and reconciliation. Living in Turkey, he and his wife are especially drawn to the reconciliation between Christians and Muslims; between the west and the east. 

IGVP promotes various photo stories, short documentaries, and blogs that portray stories of hope, raise awareness, or tell a story of reconciliation. 

In our short time, we talked about the future of Within Broken Borders and possibilities for a future documentary. He gave us great insight, encouragement and support.

You should really check out IGVP and look through some of their stuff, and consider supporting them. They are doing amazing things!

Also…Joe (who is currently in Italy) gets to see Mario in Istanbul in a few weeks! I’m just a little jealous I can’t be there… But I’m sure there will be a post from Joe’s trip soon, so stay posted.