Filming is just a fraction of the work when it comes to documentary projects (or any kind of film for that matter). Once the interviews and broll are captured, returning home means coming back to the majority of the work - editing. It’s a crazy process: organizing hundreds of video files, transcribing interviews, laying out a story structure, and building a rough cut. With that as a base, music, sound design, motion graphics, and other pieces are then added to make it shine.

I love the editing process (which is good, seeing as I’m the project’s lead editor). It’s all about understanding the different elements of your story and how it fits together. In our case, it’s figuring out how to take the overarching story (the Israel-Palestine conflict), four characters’ individual stories, and 1 terabyte of footage, and then weave all of it into one complete film. Basically, it’s a massive jig-saw puzzle.

A few weeks ago, Joe, Anna, and myself spent several days editing together in LA. 10 hours of interviews, 84 pages of typed transcriptions, 4 highlighters, and 1 roll of tape later, we managed to pull together an entire storyboard and rough script of the film!



That’s the film behind us. If you can read it, you get a sneak peek. ;)

With that mountain conquered, on to the next! In a couple of weeks we will have a new trailer finished up, and shortly after that, an entire rough cut. There is a lot to do before getting to a completed, polished film, but we are still working towards a spring release.

Keep checking back for updates, including the new trailer and film title!