The last two days have been really busy, fun and productive. We have finally started the interviewing process, which is probably the best part of being here. We love hearing the stories people have to tell about their lives, the conflict, and their hopes and dreams.

On Sunday, we all got up at 4:30am to catch the sunrise on the rooftops of the Old City of Jerusalem over the Dome of the Rock. Mandie and Joe captured some beautiful footage for the film. It was well worth it!


Later that morning, we packed up everything and moved a few blocks up in Jerusalem where we will be staying the rest of our time here. By 10am we were all exhausted, but went to meet Nachum, an Israeli settler who will be in the film. The first part of his interview went well, and we’re already learning so much from his intriguing life story.


In the evening we were going to join Nachum at his home as he was hosting students from the around the world to talk about his peace initiative. We grabbed a taxi (except we don’t know if he was actually a certified taxi), and told him to take us to the settlement where Nachum lives. Long story short, we got lost, ended up getting dropped off on the side of the road because the Palestinian driver realized he wasn’t allowed in the Jewish settlement, waited over an hour for a bus to the Settlement, and then walked probably 3 miles to Nachum’s home. We’re all sore from walking so much with all the camera equipment, but the experience was fun, or at least funny.



Later Sunday night, we met up with Ronit, our friend we met last summer, and went to dinner. It was fun catching up with her and exploring the Shuk (the hipster part of Jerusalem, as Joe put it). Being able to keep in touch throughout the year with the people we met on our last production trip and then being able to meet up again this summer has been such a gift. Our friends in Israel and Palestine make us feel so at home here.

Today, we interviewed Liat, an Israeli Jew who believes in Jesus. She talked a lot about fear and the power of love, quoting “Perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4:18). Liat has an important voice in this story and we enjoyed learning more about her. Her commitment to her faith is inspiring. We are looking forward to spending more time with her and her husband and their 2-month old baby.

Nate, Dan and Nick will be on their way over to Israel soon and are arriving tomorrow night. We are so excited for them to join us and will be praying for their safe travels!