In about four hours, I (Anna) will be on a plane to Dubai with my family and my cousin, where we’ll meet up with a film crew. That will be our first stop of many around the Middle East. Then we’ll fly onto Egypt, Jordan, and then Lebanon within the next 18 days. 

While we’re in each country, we will be visiting several sites and meeting with lots of people…old friends and meeting new friends. We’ll be keeping up a daily blog with short stories of our experiences with people and places as well as a few video updates.

Also, we’ll be compiling short film segments and journal entries that we will put together after the trip. The purpose of the trip is to create an understanding of the Middle East that will fill the gap between Westerners and Arabs. We want to portray what the Middle East is actually like behind what everyone sees through the mainstream media. We hope that our trip creates opportunities of reconciliation.

And we want everyone else to be apart of the journey! So check this blog as well as Carl Medearis’ blog for daily updates. We are so excited!