Within Broken Borders was founded to create films about the hope existing in the midst of conflict, while focusing on the power of hope, the power of relationships, and the power of story.

By engaging in the conflicts of the world and choosing to enter into all of its brokenness, transformation will take place—first in individuals, then in whole societies. By focusing on hope, people will feel empowered and encouraged to keep pursuing what seems to be impossible. In conflict-ridden areas, it is easier to become apathetic and immobile. With hope, people are driven to go against the status quo and strive for something better. Within Broken Borders believes in relationships and the beauty of forgiveness and understanding that happens when people come together. Finally, the company believes in story. To hear one another's stories means we’re willing to enter into one another’s pain. When we see beyond “the other,” and enter into one’s story, walls begin to come down, and restoration takes place.

Part of Within Broken Borders’ vision is to pour back into the individuals and communities involved in our filmmaking process. The company's ethos includes approaching films in a holistic sense, creating beautiful, well-crafted films that tell powerful stories, while also empowering the people whose stories are being told.


Within Broken Borders' programs will extend far beyond documentary production. The company plans to launch programs that will empower people from all cultures to take part in the conversation that leads toward restoration and to kindle a light of hope within the darkest parts of the world. 

This business plan will take a look into the programs that the company plans to launch including:

  • Documentary Production
  • Local Restoration
  • Guided Trips
  • Film Festival
  • Film and Photography School

The company started in 2010 and has since produced two short films. Both films were well received and seen by thousands across the nation. The first film, From the Eyes of Hope, received Best Documentary at the worlds largest youth film festival and was screened at universities and churches around U.S. The second film, They Shall Be Called, was screened in front of a few thousand people at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013 and is currently being made into Within Broken Borders' first feature documentary, Our Land, with a projected release date in spring, 2014. 

Within Broken Borders is the only company of its kind; it is embarking on revolutionary work. Most global conflicts have been ignored far too long by the western world. The company strives to eliminate the derogatory mentality that different cultures and people groups have towards each other. Within Broken Borders provides a lens for which people can look through in order to see conflict in a new light: with hope as the main luminary.