From the Eyes of Hope is a short documentary that portrays the search for the hope that exists within the longest running conflicts in the world, and provides a brief history of the situation.

In the summer of 2010, we went to Israel and Palestine for the first time in search for a story of hope. We were determined to see beyond the complexity of the conflict, and find people to speak up about the hope they have in the region. After 10 days of filming and a few weeks of editing, we produced our first film--a 20-minute documentary: From the Eyes of Hope.

The film expresses the hope in Israel and Palestine while providing a brief overview of the history of the region and the conflict that continues today. In the film, Palestinian and Israeli youth share their hope for peace and reconciliation.

Since its release in the fall of 2010, From the Eyes of Hope, has been screened in front of thousands of university students as well as at several churches across the United States. It also received the award for “Best Documentary” at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth.

Watch the full film here.


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