Since starting in 2010, Within Broken Borders has pursued its primary program: creating documentary films. The additional programs (B-E) described below are non-operating perspective programs to be launched within the next five years. All programs are designed and targeted to achieve the company's goals and align with its mission.

A. Documentary Production

Media will often portray people and conflict on a macro scale, creating distance from reality and separation between cultures. However, when stories of individuals are told, distant and complex situations become personal. Within Broken Borders chooses to tell stories of hope while not shying away from the harsh reality of the conflict.

The power of story has the ability to transcend conflict. The documentary films produced are the most powerful way to achieve all of the company's goals. Within Broken Borders has produced two shorts to date and the positive outcome has been exponential.

The media created by Within Broken Borders will primarily target young adult westerners. By creating films that will target the younger generation, the company will educate and inspire change for generations to come. However, it is equally important to reach mature generations who may have preconceived ideas about a particular culture and carry a stigma towards certain people groups. The overall goal of the films produced by Within Broken Borders is to provide a lens through which the audience can view the common humanity and hope of people, thus inspiring them to act.

There are countless stories to be told within areas of conflict around the world. Within Broken Borders’ goal is to produce an average of one feature (over 45 minutes) or two short films (five to 30 minutes) every two years. Having many connections in the film industry, the company will be able to work with the top artists to produce the most captivating films.

Completed films will first be entered into festivals where they are most visible to the target audience and have the best potential of being picked up by a distributor. After the festival round, Within Broken Borders will consider all potential distribution opportunities including local screenings (colleges, churches, mosques, synagogues...), film tours, theatrical distribution, and online distribution (Amazon, Hulu, Netflix…).

The average budget for a short is $8,000 to $12,000 and the average budget for a feature documentary is $70,000 to $90,000. These budgets include travel, cost of living while abroad, and contracts (director, editor, composer, colorist…). The company is in post production on their first feature film, Our Land. Below is the projected budget and breakdown for the film.

Grand Total: $83,157

Production: $32,477
     Summer 2012 Trip: 17,662
     October 2012 Trip: 4,000
     Summer 2013 Trip: 10,815
Post Production (projected): $20,180
     Post Production costs for seven minute cut (2012): 1480
    Scoring: 3000
    Sound Engineering: 2500
     Animation: 6000
     Coloring: 1200
     Stock footage: 1500
     Contingency: 3500
Contracted: $20,500
     Director: 7500
     Ast. Dir. and Cinematographer: 6000
     Editor: 7000
Marketing and Distribution Total: $10,000
     Festival submissions: 1500
     Website (host for two years):  192
     Print ads: 1000
     Internet ads: 2000
     Premiere Events (LA and DEN): 4000
     Contingency: 1300

There are a few ways the company will raise these funds. Most of the funds will come in through traditional online sources like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, funds donated directly to Within Broken Borders, and through grants and foundations. The founders of Within Broken Borders also run a story-consulting company called Ammi Creative. Ten percent of Ammi’s total profit will help fund Within Broken Borders’ productions. On a feature film, any remaining funds will be brought in through investors. For Our Land, Within Broken Borders raised $34,500. A separate LLC was created for the film where both Within Broken Borders and investors will contribute funds for productions. Within Broken Borders will own 60% of the film and the investors will own the other 40%. Any profit that the film pulls in will first pay off the investors and then be split 60/40% between Within Broken Borders and the investors. This model will allow Within Broken Borders to maximize funds in order to produce top quality films.

B. Local Restoration

IMG_5281 copy.jpg

Within Broken Borders plans on taking part in the restoration process not only by starting conversations with film, but also through investing in the communities that the documentaries are created around. Our Land follows the stories of four people, Nachum, Mohammad, Liat and Elias all living in Israel and Palestine. The company plans to support each of their ventures in seeking peace and restoration. Nachum has started an company that facilitates conversation between Jews, Christians and Muslims. Liat is a part of an company that helps low-income Messianic Jews. Mohammad has a huge passion for the education system in Palestine. And Elias uses photography as a way of resistance. Within Broken Borders plans on raising money and using profits from Our Land to feed back into these four individuals so that they are able to continue working toward peace and restoration in their communities. With any future film project, Within Broken Borders will give back to the characters that invested their time and energy into the film. In November 2013, the company will travel to the border of Syria and Jordan to create a short film about Syrian refugees living in Jordan. The goal of this film is to not only raise awareness, but also to raise funds for the many struggling refugee families.

C. Guided Trips

Many western churches and organizations organize guided trips to the Holy Land to see the history and walk where Jesus walked. Most of them fail to address current issues and many don’t even go into Palestine. And the tours that do go into Palestine only spend a few hours in Bethlehem inside the Church of the Nativity. Within Broken Borders will lead trips to the Holy Land that explore both the rich history and the current cultures that exist in Israel and Palestine. These trips will both continue the conversations between culture groups that break down stereotypes and offer a great learning experience in the Holy Land.

The guided tours will be a great source of income for Within Broken Borders. They will be offered to anyone interested in visiting the Holy Land. Within Broken Borders will partner with churches, universities and organizations from around the nation to offer this service.

D. Film Festival

Within Broken Borders plans to launch a film festival to be held annually in Denver, Colorado. The festival will host films (narrative and documentaries) that address any type of conflict from around the globe and are aimed at restoration and humanization. The festival’s theme will be directly aligned with Within Broken Borders’ mission: it will provide stories of hope in the midst of conflict while encouraging people to participate in the conversation leading toward restoration. After gaining traction within a few years, the festival will begin to bring in stories from filmmakers around the globe and will also become a great source of income for the company.

E. Film and Photography School/Camp

One of the larger programs that Within Broken Borders plans to launch is a film and photography school. It will launch in Israel and Palestine and will bring Israelis, Palestinians and Americans together around the art of visual storytelling. The school will bring together professional artists from the Middle East and America who will guide and teach young filmmakers and photographers in a two week program. The goal of this program will be to facilitate a space for these three cultures to interact and create powerful visual stories together.