A. Organizational Structure

Since 2010, there have only been two individuals operating Within Broken Borders: Anna Medearis and Joe Miller. They have built crews and coordinated key people to help them with production tasks. As the company moves forward, Anna and Joe will be able to oversee all programs (operating and pre-operating) for the next year or two depending on company growth. Within the next couple years, the company will hire a chief financial coordinator to manage the finances of the company. As Within Broken Borders grows over the next five years, Anna and Joe will both oversee A and B as well as overall operations and Program Directors will be hired to oversee programs C, D and E. With growth, the program directors will be responsible for hiring any staff to help execute the programs.

As Within Broken Borders continues to grow, the board and executives will consistently evaluate the organizational structure to make sure that the company is operating with the right number of staff members, not too many or too few. Every year, an evaluation will be conducted for all staff and board members to assess day to day operations, financials, and overall projects.

B. Financial Structure

Below are the estimated total expenses for Within Broken Borders from 2010 to 2018. The corresponding letters include a breakdown of costs below the chart.




Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 2.00.38 PM.png

a) Staff Pay

Staff pay will start in 2014 providing a salary for the two executives so that they can invest 100% of their time to the company. Their salaries will be $30,000 each (total monthly expenses multiplied by 12). The projected budget after 2014 account for all chief program positions and any necessary staff needed to execute programs. The board will help determine appropriate salaries for all staff. Each year, Within Broken Borders will plan to launch a new program. Staff and board evaluations will allow the company to assess if the programs should start earlier or be delayed.

*Reimbursement from startup  

b) Documentary Production

The 2010 budget was for the short film, From the Eyes of Hope and the 2013 budget is the estimated cost for both Our Land and the seven minute short, They Shall Be Called which was released in the spring of 2013. The $28,500 budget in the following years is the average budget for producing two shorts or one feature every two years. (Over a four year span, the company will produce an average of two short films and one feature film with a total budget of $114,000 for all three films and an average of $28,500 per year.)

c) Local Restoration

These figures will be determined by the donations that are received specifically for this program. The numbers indicated are goals for the company.

d) Guided Trips

The $4000 budgeted is the estimated cost to be used to pay for the guide and cover their costs. There will be one hosted trip in 2015 and two in 2016 and 2017. The goal by 2018 is to host trips quarterly. The numbers in this field are expenses of the trips; they do not include any income from participants of the trips.

e) Film Festival

These are the estimated costs in hosting a film festival. The budget in the following years will increase depending on growth of the festival. Like the guided trips, this feild does not include any projected income from the festival.

f) Film and Photography School

The $10,000 budgeted in 2017 is to first launch the school on a small scale and the 2018 number is the projected budget to bring the program to scale, bringing dozens of students together for a couple weeks.

g) Office Space

When appropriate, Within Broken Borders will search for a permanent office space to conduct day to day operations. This is the annual estimated budget for an office space and supplies in Denver, Colorado starting in the summer of 2014.

h) Technology

This field includes the estimated costs technology related items. This includes office wifi and landline, business software, production software…

i) Marketing

The chart below describes the marketing breakdown. Each program budget listed above includes its own marketing expenses. The film festival and documentary distribution require the most funds for marketing. This section is separate from the programs and includes marketing costs for the company as whole and is specifically targeted to reach out to potential and current donors. (The marketing mix is not limited to the items listed below.)




Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 12.45.16 PM.png