Hey everyone! We’ve got lots of exciting things coming up! I spent last week in Denver with Anna to prepare for the next big step: becoming a 501-c3 organization. Though we’ve been working together since 2010, we are finally on our way to becoming a non-profit organization. That’s right, you heard it here first: you will be able to donate directly to us rather than through our umbrella organization, Allegro. In the mean time, we still need your help with the costs it takes to become a 501-c3 org. You can head over to our DONATE page on our new website to give!


We’ve also been working hard on our first feature film, “Our Land.” What the heck is “Our Land”, you ask? Well, we weren’t too keen on keeping “They Shall Be Called” as the official title for our film. After many sleepless hours, the team came up with “Our Land”. Short and sweet. All this to say, we’re launching the official film website WITH the newest trailer next week!

We are very excited about what’s ahead. Thank you very much for all your support and encouragement. We’ll keep posted on new project coming up, the latest on our film and much more.