Greetings from Los Angeles! Our trip has come to an end. Mandie and I returned to the US last week while Anna and Nate went to Kenya to film a short with our friends. It was sad to leave Israel/Palestine and all of our friends but the trip was a complete success. We made the most out of our 15 days there. 

We spent the last couple days with Nachum and his family. We still had a whole lot to film with them including one last interview with Nachum. But even in the rush of getting everything we needed within the last 48 hours of our trip, we had an incredible time with them. After filming the last interview and capturing plenty of b-roll, Nachum pulled this sensational plant from their garden and made us probably the best the tea I’ve ever had. We relaxed, danced to One Direction, performed crazy card tricks, and laughed until our stomachs hurt. 



The next morning, we arrived at their home again for the final day of filming. Right as we walk in, Nachum and Ori sat us down telling us that they had a gift for us. They pulled out their guitar and harmonica and started singing a traditional Jewish song. Nachum insisted that we kept our cameras away so that our souls could rest and be in a peaceful state. There we were, sitting in the middle of one of the biggest conflicts in the world and we were reminded of the importance of rest.

Meeting Nachum and Liat was a huge blessing for our team. We learned a lot from them and we are thrilled to have them be a part of the story alongside our Palestinian friends, Muhammad and Ellias. The story we are trying to tell is bigger than all of us and we are honored that God could use these four incredible people to share it.

Mandie and Anna are flying to L.A. in a couple weeks. We will be forming the storyline during our time together. We’re planing on having our first rough cut complete by October 1st. Stay connected for more photos, clips and a new trailer. We’re very excited about moving forward.